We're an online concierge service that specializes in helping clients acquire limited edition streetwear for an affordable price. We do online & instore proxy for clients from various retailers in the United States and abroad which ensures that all the products our clients receive are 100% authentic. The prices of items on our site represent the fee we charge if you wanted us to perform an online or instore order for you for that item. Most items sell out within minutes so we do offer a full refund if we fail to secure an order for you.

How to register your OCO slot:

Fill out the OCO contact form on the product page with the CC/Debit Card information you'd like us to use to secure the item with.

Prior to completing the checkout process for the selected OCO slot you will be asked to make a new account with us (optional). Follow the prompts and fill out the information accordingly. You can complete the purchase of the OCO slot after these fields are filled in.

We only accept CC/Debit Cards for payment of our services. If your OCO slot is successful you will be charged for the slot fee. You will not be charged if we fail to checkout the item of your choice. It takes 3-7 days for the authorizations to drop if your slot is unsuccessful. 

If we fail to procure the item of your choice you will not be charged the OCO fee for that slot. 

It's that easy!!!!